Today I turn 6 in BBDO

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I consider it a feat.  In an industry known for people jumping from one agency to another within an average of two years, six years is quite remarkable I think.  Especially if it’s your first job….

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7 Responses to Today I turn 6 in BBDO

  1. Lloyd says:

    Cheers to you, Lynne! 6 years, and counting! 🙂
    10-year plan, ok? 10-year plan… (wink, wink)

  2. sanu says:

    Cheers Lovely One!
    It’s a pleasure being your workmate at BBDO and at Visa too! 🙂

  3. Carol Ong says:

    Lynne, congrats!
    Do you remember you were my test subject when the shoot make up artist was teaching me how to do make up? One side yung make up artist. Another side ako. hahahaha! Naalala mo?

    I promised you I’ll prioritize you on your next project, kahit gaano man ako kabusy. hahaha. Di ba kamukha mo si Iya someone pag namake-up-an. (at least yung 1/2 side) Dyosa!

    • lynneenroute says:

      Thanks Carol! Yes, naaalala ko yon! That was the One-a-day shoot and you were trying to learn smoky eye make-up. Iya? Naku, masyado na talaga ako kamukha ah. Hahaha. Take care!

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