“Suroy” (Bohol Part 2)

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Like I said, there is much to be done in Bohol.  This part continues my recommendations for “suroy”. 🙂 …

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3 Responses to “Suroy” (Bohol Part 2)

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  2. rowena marie says:

    suroy Bohol part 2

    Thanks again for the appreciation and nice review on your visit to Bohol.

    You can see a lot of dolphins in the sorrounding waters of Bohol. Once in my trip going home from Cebu, dolphins joyfully plays beside the boat we’re riding. Passengers cheers aloud. As if they have it’s own minds like human beings, they keep “pakitang gilas” to those who cheer them.

    Have you gone to Pamilacan Island? That island just in front of old Baclayon church. You can’t only see dolphins but friendly whales. Yeah, they are big creatures in the see that makes me frightened at first. I was thinking that our boat will turn upside down if in case they are just below us. But bangkeros know how to navigate if that they don’t go near to the whales.

    Sand are also white and fine there just as Panglao. I think its February to summer are the mating season of whales. That they love to display themselves to tourists.

    I love Bohol…

    • lynneenroute says:

      I actually only saw very few dolphins when I went there. 😦 Is February the peak season for dolphin-watching? I want to be able to see dolphins swimming beside the boat! Yeah, Bohol has really nice beaches also. And what’s better is that they’re not so commercialized yet so you can really appreciate the beauty of the place.

      I love Bohol also. 🙂

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