En Route (\äⁿ(n)-ˈrüt, en-, in-, -‘raut\) adv. & adj. On or along the way. [Fr.]

We’re all going somewhere whether we’re aware of it or not.  Most often, we do.  And we encounter all sorts of things on the way – sights, people, food, drink and all the other colorful things that make life oh-so interesting.  Here’s an invitation to join me for the ride.

I am an Advertising Executive/ Travel and Food Enthusiast/ Blogger Wannabe on a never-ending pursuit of learning.

8 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Bogs says:


    I just stumbled into your blog and it’s a great discovery. Very nice and cool blog. Great photos too!

    Is it okay if I can link your blog to mine?

    Maraming Salamat.


  3. kumar Shiva says:

    Liked “the about column” . . well written.! Life is beautiful . . you just need to realize it. . and your blog is upto that task.!

  4. shiva says:

    yup sure I will. .

    and yea! you should also visit my blog once. . won’t find much of english articles but still there are few. I hope as soon my english readers will increase , I’ll try n post more of ’em 😉 😀

    • Hi! Visited your site and yeah, I saw some nice poems in English that I could understand. I’m glad to see you are enjoying having your blog and sharing. 🙂

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